CNN panel speechless on Trump's version of black America: 'People don’t use the word ghetto or n*gro’
Don Lemon (Screenshot)

During Thursday night's Don Lemon segment, the CNN anchor brought attention to Republican nominee Donald Trump's recent outreach to African American communities across the country. However, it would be wrong to say that Trump's strategy is working.

Lemon shared a clip of Trump speaking from a rally in Ohio on Thursday night where he spoke about the inner city.

During the rally, Trump makes the following statements:

We're going to work on our ghettos. You take a look at what's going on where you have pockets, areas, of land where you have the inner cities, where you have so many things, so many problems, so many horrible, horrible problems.

The violence, the death, the lack of education, no jobs. We're going to work with the African American community and we're going to solve the problem of the inner city. We're going to solve the problem.

After viewing the clip, Lemon appears exasperated. "David," he starts with a sigh, "Why does he continue to do this, and why aren't his advisors educating him?"

"Another problem is the language he uses," says the Washington Post's David Swerdlick. "People are going to come after me on Twitter and say this is being politically correct, but look, a part of being able to talk to a slice of the electorate is being able to sort of speak their language at least a little bit."

He continues, "People don't use the word 'ghetto,' or the word 'n***o.' It's about being polite and understanding where the discussion has gone and on policy, right? He gave a speech yesterday where he talked about his New Deal for black America, which I don't think fully resonates with the black electorate, but was an earnest attempt but wound up stepping on that message and not being able to drive that home."

"As Mark said," Swerdlick continues, "he has a tough time staying on message. In terms of his advisors, I couldn't hazard a guess, Don. This is a broader problem for Republicans at large, not just for Donald Trump."

Lemon shook his head. "The ghettos was just ..." he said, sighing.

Watch their full exchange below.