CNN's Gloria Borger: Donald Trump 'has to run the table and then he has to find another table'
Gloria Berger appears on CNN (screen grab)

CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger argued on Wednesday that current polls show Donald Trump with almost no path to winning the presidency.

Prior to Wednesday night's presidential debate, CNN host Anderson Cooper noted that Trump would need to win every battleground "toss-up" state and then flip some of Hillary Clinton's states to have a chance at winning the necessary 270 electoral votes.

"He has to run the table and then he has to find another table and then he has to run that," Borger agreed. "If Trump can cut Hillary Clinton's national lead in half then the battleground states generally moves, that is his hope."

"When you talk about Utah being a battle ground state, you know that something is really different for Republicans in this election," she added.

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Oct. 19, 2016.