Eric Trump bragged dad ‘started the conversation’ about Obama’s birth certificate in unearthed audio
Eric Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

Remember when Donald Trump finally admitted that he believed President Obama was born in the United States and then tried to pin the blame on Hillary Clinton for purportedly starting the birther movement?

Well, it turns out that even Trump's own family doesn't buy that line.

NBC News has unearthed an unpublished audio interview of Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump in which Eric boasts of the role his father played in making the controversy over President Obama's birth certificate into a national circus.

Specifically, he said that the birther movement wasn't about racism against Obama, but more about ensuring that our first black president was being transparent about not being a secret Kenyan.

"I think with the birthers it's, 'Okay, well, then, just prove it,'" Eric Trump told Michael D'Antonio, author of the book The Truth About Trump. "Meaning these people are going out saying that which a lot of people were at the time. 'Then just show us. Just be transparent. You're the leader of the free world, be transparent.' There are underlying themes to this, and in fact, he has done his best to start the conversation that was unwilling to be had before. Now that conversation might flush itself out in one of several different ways. But at least the conversation is being had."

This is ironic, of course, because now that Donald Trump is running for president, he is refusing to be transparent by not releasing his tax returns.

Listen to the whole interview below.