Former DoJ spokesman loses it over new FBI probe: Comey 'flagrantly violated DoJ rules'
Matthew Miller (CNN / YouTube)

On Friday, the FBI announced that it was reopening its investigation into Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's emails.

FBI Director James Comey wrote in an email to Congress, "In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation," which was closed in July.

The FBI found the Clinton emails during their investigation of former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner. The information was found while searching Weiner and top Clinton aide Huma Abedin's seized phones, the New York Post reports.

Comey noted that it is unclear at this time how or if the newly revealed material would impact the outcome of their original investigation. However, he wrote, "I believe it is important to update your Committees about our efforts in light of my previous testimony."

In light of the latest revelations, a former DoJ spokesperson went on a Twitter rant in response to Comey's email, Politico reports.

Matthew Miller started with, "This is such an inappropriate public disclosure by Comey. And sadly the latest in a long string of them."

The timing of this latest revelation couldn't be worse for the Clinton campaign, with just 11 days left until the Election. Miller's Twitter rant continued with the following:  

The Clinton campaign responded to the FBI probe seeking more details on the latest investigation. Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta wrote in a statement that Comey "should immediately provide the American public more information than is contained in the letter he sent to eight Republican committee chairmen."

He added, "It is extraordinary that we would see something like this just 11 days out from a presidential election."

Even though the timing is impeccable, it is unclear at this time whether another Clinton email scandal less than two weeks out from Election Day will have much of an impact on voters. Early voting has already given Clinton a boost in the polls.

At this time, what is most important is that the public receives additional information pertaining to the latest emails recovered by the FBI, and how the agency will move forward.

Miller spoke with CNN anchor Jake Tapper on Friday afternoon. "This latest example violates a longstanding practice, which is that the department goes out of its way not to do anything that can be seen as trying to influence an election when you're in the closing days of an election," he said.

Tapper asked Miller whether withholding this information would also be a way to sway the election — just in Clinton's favor.

Miller says, "There's no information to be released. We don't know what it is the FBI is looking at. We don't know what it is they've received."

Tapper followed up by bringing attention to the fact that when Comey announced in July that Clinton would not be charged, the Republicans were up in arms, while the Democrats were happy with the outcome. Now, the tables have turned.

He asks, "Doesn't that breed cynicism? The idea that whatever is unfavorable to your side is suddenly outrageous?"

You can watch the clip below.