Fox News's bizarre debate idea for Trump: 'Deny it ever happened' and 'ignore the fact checkers'
Charles Krauthammer (Photo: Screen capture)

If you can't win on the issues, if you can't win on the policies or the plans, Fox News host Charles Krauthammer suggested Thursday Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump could simply lie to win.

"I think the most important thing here for Trump is the morning after," Krauthammer began. "He might have lost the debate. It was pretty close. It was not the rout that people say it was. But he really threw it away the morning after when he went after — he went down the rabbit holes on the Miss Universe and all the other stuff. And that's happened to him before."

Krauthammer then went on to give Trump his signature Fox News advice: "I think he can hold his own. He just needs to be — to ignore, as everybody here has said — ignore the bait. He should just dismiss all the quotations that he hears, the way that Pence did. Deny it ever happened and then ignore the fact checkers the next day."

Despite Trump's VP candidate Mike Pence doing better than Democrat Tim Kaine, the story the following day was the lies that Pence told. It was another loss in the PR battle for the Trump campaign.

Check out the video below: