Helen Mirren tells 'nasty women' to end 'small-headed dinosaur-y-handed' Trump's candidacy
Actress Helen Mirren (Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com)

British actress Helen Mirren has decided to weigh in on our presidential election -- and she's definitely not a fan of Donald Trump.

Time reports that Mirren spoke during this week's ELLE Women in Hollywood event in Los Angeles, where she pledged to be "the nastiest of all nasty women" and gave some pointers for any women out there who want to achieve her level of "nastiness."

One of her most important tips was for women to disregard any man who trashed her for her appearance, whether it was a random internet troll or "a bloated, small-headed dinosaur-y-handed candidate for President" such as Donald Trump.

Relatedly, Mirren put out a video for the group Humanity for Hillary this week in which she encouraged voters to not take this election for granted, which she said was what happened in her native country with the Brexit vote.

"No one really thought Great Britain would leave the European Union, but it did," she said. "And this was not only a hit to our economy, but to our humanity. Because this was a vote cast in fear, not in hope. Do not make the same mistake we did... Because love must trump hate."

Watch the full video below.