Here are the racist code words Trump's Twitter fans are now using to avoid getting banned
Man sitting at desk looking on computer screen (Shutterstock).

Twitter has been trying to clean up its reputation for being a hive of vicious, racist trolls -- and now the trolls are fighting back by coming up with new ways to avoid getting banned.

Per the Telegraph, Twitter user Alex Goldman has discovered that racist alt-right Trump fans have created special code words for minorities so they don't run afoul of Twitter's anti-harassment policies.

As you can see, the alt-righters now refer to black people as "googles," Jews as "skypes," Latinos as "yahoos," and Asians as "bings." In tribute to Donald Trump Jr., they also refer to Muslims as "skittles," which is the candy that the younger Trump compared to Syrian refugees in an infamous meme he posted.

And of course, they also have derogatory nicknames for members of the LGBT community and for any political ideology that does not match up with their own.

So if you're on Twitter and you see some random person call you a "skype butterfly car salesman," you should know you're being attacked with bigoted code words.