The news broke Friday that Donald Trump was caught on a hot mic in 2005 talking about women in the most vulgar of terms. Pundit and columnist Bill Kristol might be a conservative Republican but he was quite simply disgusted by the comments.

On Jake Tapper's afternoon show the host was shocked, to say the least.

USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers couldn't believe that someone who could become the president of the United States after saying something like this.

"It's this very adolescent way to talk about women," Powers said. "A very vulgar way. For somebody who was just recently attacking Alicia Machado being on a sex tape that she wasn't. And then, of course, he has a lot of evangelical voters and women voters, a lot of them alarmed by this, I don't think it helps."

She continued saying that Trump's non-apology and finger pointing at Bill Clinton is absurd. "By the way, attacking Bill Clinton — he's not running against Bill Clinton he's running against Hillary Clinton. Even if he said this stuff what's it have to do with Hillary? She's not responsible for that."

Tapper agrees, claiming Billy Bush, also in the audio, was probably with NBC public relations in the moment. Further, Tapper commented, "It's stunning to hear the Republican nominee, father of five, married man, who won handily the evangelical vote. I don't think I would ever talk about this even if I was single." Tapper went on to say that Trump was 59 years old at the time and a grandfather and that it makes it even worse.

"He's a dirty old man," Kristol said, shaking his head.

"You know what's interesting about this: We're in an era right now where the behavior of a certain generation of men when it comes to women is really being changed and judged in a very difficult, tough way," Tapper said. "This is just the latest example I could cite others. It's not acceptable to talk about women like that."

Powers called out the fact that the Trump statement was not an apology - it was a non-apology. "I also do think there's somewhat predatory part to this — the way he talks about preying on a woman — it's very predatory and that's also very concerning as well. that's something I'm sure the Clinton administration will focus on. I also want to say that's not an apology. When you apologize you don't make an attack and then an apology."

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