For someone who touts himself as champion of the "little guy," Donald Trump and his companies sure do seem to hurt a lot of regular people.

For the latest example, we present The Daily Beast's report about a woman in Scotland who has the misfortune of living near one of Donald Trump's golf courses.

92-year-old Molly Forbes and her family have been doing battle with Trump shortly after construction began on a Trump luxury golf course that opened up right down the road from her in 2012.

During construction, it seems that workers for the course broke a pipe that connected her house to a nearby water supply, which resulted in her pipes spewing out undrinkable sludge. With her main water supply poisoned, she and her family had to fetch water from a nearby stream and bring it back to the house via wheelbarrow.

What makes this particularly outrageous is that Trump and his crew refused to pay to fix the broken pipe, which meant Forbes hasn't had a proper water supply for the past six years.

Scotish MP Andy Wightman is quoted by The Daily Beast saying that Trump "seems to have no respect, not only for Molly Forbes and his neighbors, but he has no respect for the legal framework" and is "quite content to preside over a situation whereby he is in effect denying a neighboring landowner of their legitimate supply of fresh water."

Forbes' full story is told in the documentary You've Been Trumped Too, which was created former BBC journalist Anthony Baxter. The movie has a Kickstarter page where people can donate money to help the film get distributed in the United States.

Check out the trailer for the movie below.