‘I’m pissed!’: Hannity throws tantrum over GOP ‘idiot’ McMullin who's beating Trump in Utah
Fox News host Sean Hannity (screen grab)

On Wednesday morning, Fox News host Sean Hannity followed up his spectacular late night Twitter meltdown with an on-air tantrum about third-party candidate Evan McMullin, who polls say has pulled ahead of Republican nominee Donald Trump in Utah.

"In 13 freaking days -- oh, we got to tell the story, you're right. In 13 days, we're either going to make a decision to keep screwing the country up, or we're going to make a decision to try and fix it. That's what's at stake here," Hannity said on Wednesday's edition of his daily radio show.

"I'm pissed!" he said repeatedly.

"I have had it. 13 freaking days. Wake up. This can be won. But it's very, very hard. And I'm telling all of you who is important here. And basically every red state's important," Hannity said, growing ever more agitated.

"If you think, 'Well, my state doesn't matter, it's Texas,' no, you better vote. 'My state's Georgia,' well we've seen polls that are close in Georgia. 'My state's Utah,'" he said before all his needles flew over into the red.

"Who's this idiot that's running third party that's killing Trump out in Utah," demanded Hannity. "Who put him up? What was it? The Bush people? The Romney people? Seriously? Really? You're going to elect Hillary because we lose Utah? What a disaster that would be for the country."

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