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Jeffrey Lord blames Trump’s disgusting treatment of women on ‘liberals’ and the ‘sexual revolution’
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Jeffrey Lord on CNN trying to spin the video scandal as a positive for Donald Trump (Screen capture)

Donald Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord appeared on Wednesday’s Anderson Cooper 360 to argue that his boss’s disgusting attitudes toward women, sex and consent are liberals’ fault for promoting the “sexual revolution.”

Trump is facing a growing number of accusations by women who say the former reality TV star groped their breasts, buttocks and vaginas without permission. Two women went public in the New York Times on Wednesday and another spoke to the Palm Beach Post.

Add to that the growing flap around comments Trump made in 1992 about a 10-year-old girl on an escalator at Trump Tower. As he watched the pre-teen ascend the escalator, Trump remarked, “I am going to be dating her in 10 years, can you believe it?”

Lord tried to tell the 360 panel that Trump’s complete disrespect for women’s bodily autonomy and dignity is because “liberals” have coarsened our culture and devalued women.

“This is totally political and if I might add a cultural word: liberal,” Lord sniffed. “I’m a baby boomer. It’s my generation where the sexual revolution and all of this sort of stuff– none of this stuff mattered. And now, all of a sudden it does.”

Liberals didn’t care about charges of sexual impropriety from Bill Clinton, and as the allegations pile up against Trump, Lord said, “Frankly, he’s becoming Clinton-esque, if you will, and well, I would think that means he’s going to be elected twice.”

All of this upset about Trump’s habit of placing his hands on women’s private parts and talking about them in the crudest, most disgusting terms, Lord said, is a distraction from the “real issues.”

“We need to focus on the issues,” he said. “What goes on in these e-mails, what is the economy, foreign policy?”

Democratic strategist Paul Begala pointed out that Trump’s own words and deeds are making a persuasive case that the candidate is a serial sexual predator and a menace to women.

“His most damning witness is Donald Trump,” Begala said, “who said he forces himself on women and they can’t do anything about it because he’s a star. He can get away with it.”

And now women are coming forward to confirm that this is exactly what happened to them.

Watch the video, embedded below:

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