Male model films himself calling a black woman 'gorilla' -- and gets promptly fired
Former PAFA model Bryan Christopher Sawyer (Facebook photo).

Amazing but true: Not all male models are as lovable as the ones in the movie Zoolander.

It turns out that there's a dark underbelly to the male modeling industry that has just been exposed by a racist video posted by Bryan Christopher Sawyer, a former art model at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Philly Mag reports that Sawyer has been fired from his gig at PAFA after he filmed himself yelling racist comments at a black woman on Broad Street in Philadelphia.

Among other things, the video shows Sawyer calling the woman "monkey-face" and "gorilla." He also asserted that she was "inferior" and she belongs "in a cage."

He was then confronted by a black man over his remarks -- and Sawyer replied to him by saying he shouldn't be lecturing him while insisting that he can say whatever he wants.

PAFA told Philly Mag that Sawyer's remarks were "were racist and deeply offensive" and said that he was "immediately dismissed and permanently banned from PAFA’s campus."

Check out the full video of Sawyer below.