MSNBC asks mind-boggling question about Comey's email probe: 'Why hasn't Hillary shut this down?'
MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle (screen grab)

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle suggested this week that Hillary Clinton had the power to end speculation about her emails if she told a "better story."

In an interview with Ruhle on Monday, Clinton supporter Marc Lasry said that he was "surprised" at FBI Director James Comey's disclosure about emails found on Clinton aide Huma Abedin's computer just days before the November election.

"Hillary Clinton did put herself in this position," Ruhle charged. "This email issue has been swirling around for two years and she never shuts it down. One argument could be made that Donald Trump supporters like him so much because he's black and white. He chooses a course and he goes, 'This is what I'm doing!' Why hasn't Hillary shut this down?"

"She has," Lasry replied. "What would you like her to do? I mean, in all seriousness, what else could she have done? She ends up getting investigated, the FBI says there's no issues. She's the only presidential candidate whose -- every single one of her emails has been shown. We have no idea [about] Donald Trump's emails."

Lasry argued that there was a "double standard" because "Donald Trump will not disclose or release anything, and any time you ask him, he ends up saying it's none of your business."

"Yet with Hillary, we'll end up looking at all her emails, every single thing," he noted. "It's all disclosed. What more would you like her to do?"

"Many people would like her to shut down the foundation," Ruhle said without explaining how it related to the email issue. "People are asking, 'Were people paying for access for corporations? Were wealthy individuals paying for access for the Clinton power set?'"

After Lasry vigorously defended the Clinton Foundation's record, the MSNBC host circled back to the email scandal.

"Why can't Hillary -- let's be honest -- tell a better story?" Ruhle asked. "If she is this very qualified candidate and she's being overly scrutinized, millions of people in America would say they don't trust her."

Watch the video below from MSNBC, broadcast Oct. 31, 2016.