Newt Gingrich drops cryptic message to frontrunner Hillary Clinton: ‘Don’t spike the football' just yet
Newt Gingrich speaks to CNN

Republican politician Newt Gingrich had a cryptic message about victory dances for TMZ and the Clinton campaign on Monday.

When a TMZ photographer approached him for a comment on whether it was too early for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to be "spiking the football" and celebrating a win in the race to 270, Gingrich pulled out his college football knowledge.

Gingrich said, "The University of Wisconsin tried that once and lost in overtime." According to TMZ, he was likely referring to a 2013 football game between the University of Wisconsin and Arizona State University in which UW celebrated prematurely and then lost.

So Gingrich's advice to the Clinton campaign? Don't start your victory laps just yet.

According to FiveThirtyEight projections, Clinton's chances of winning the White House in November are 85.4 percent, whereas Republican nominee Donald Trump's chances are just 14.6 percent.

Some of this comes down to this year's 11 battleground states, where Clinton is polling at 46.4 percent in a Politico weighted average. Trump's numbers come in at 41.6 percent.

In the swing states of Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin, Clinton is polling ahead.

In the remaining two states — Ohio and Iowa — Trump is in the lead.

Even so, Gingrich wants the Clinton camp to know that the election hasn't ended yet.

Check out his full message in the clip below.