NRA host: Megyn Kelly attacked Gingrich over Trump comments as a ‘diversion' from talking about guns
Megyn Kelly, Newt Gingrich -- Fox screencapture

Newt Gingrich went on Fox News Tuesday night and had a meltdown when Megyn Kelly called Republican nominee Donald Trump a "sexual predator."

Gingrich suggested Kelly was commenting on the many sexual assault allegations against Trump because she doesn't care about public policy and is "fascinated with sex."

Defending his comments on Wednesday, Gingrich essentially said that someone had to stand up to Kelly's "baloney" and that Republican women were thanking him for it.

The National Rifle Association is also apparently backing Gingrich's misogynistic tirade.

On Wednesday, conservative talk show host Grant Stinchfield shared some words in support of Gingrich, which the NRA referred to in a tweet as "some much-needed truth about & the biased mainstream media."

Stinchfield said, "The overwhelmingly biased attacks against Donald Trump are usually cloaked as real news, when in reality it's a diversion from the important topics we need to be talking about like save the Second Amendment."

Apparently the widespread issue of sexual assault is not an important topic. Stinchfield called Kelly's comments "inflammatory" and a "diversion" from the "real, important issues facing America."

"Second Amendment rights are very, very important to freedom-loving Americans," Stinchfield said. "Yet, media members don't have any clue of this."

Watch the clip below.