‘The hombre special’: Mexican restaurants hilariously mock Donald Trump’s racism
Bad Hombre specials all over America (Photos: Via Twitter and Instagram)

Mexican restaurants across America are hilariously embracing Donald Trump's accusations that many Mexican immigrants are "bad hombres."

According to TMZ, establishments in Tennessee, Maine and Pennsylvania are capitalizing on Trump's racism and they're doing so "bigly."

The Grubhouse in Philadelphia tweeted, "To order the Bad Hombre online, just select a Sausage, egg and cheese sandwich, and write 'bad hombre' in special instructions. Gracias!" They attached a photo of a delicious breakfast sandwich, which contains chorizo, eggs and pepper jack with jalapeño ketchup.

The El Corazon taco truck in Portland, Maine has a massive "bad hombre burrito" and encourages their customers to Guac the vote.

This #tacotruck on the corner of Spring St is serving up a #badhombre burrito for today's special.

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Rosepepper Cantina in Nashville is welcoming all "nasty women" and "bad hombres" for drink specials. Their killer cocktails include a "very, very strong, believe me, Mezcal" and "The Nasty Woman" has a potent, but well-aged tequila.

For the debate Wednesday evening, they encouraged the patrons to "make margaritas great again."