Trump advisor Roger Stone promotes moon landing hoax: Video was shot in a warehouse in NJ
Roger Stone (Photo: Screen capture via Politico)

Donald Trump supporter Newt Gingrich really wanted to build a moon colony when he was running for president, but according to Trump advisor Roger Stone, the moon landing never happened to begin with.

According to a report from Media Matters, a scroll through Stone's Twitter feed reveals the alt-right conspiracy theorist called the moon landing "a hoax ... shot in a warehouse in New Jersey." The exchange began when Stone attacked President Barack Obama on his attire at an event. Comedian Charlie Currie replied that by his logic, Americans would never have stepped on the moon. Stone replied that no one ever did. Currie replied simply, "Oh."


This isn't the first conspiracy theory to come out of Stone, however. He believes the Clintons arranged the murders of four people and the Clintons personally killed John F. Kennedy with help from President Lyndon Johnson. Though he also believes that Sen. Ted Cruz's father is connected to Lee Harvey Oswald, who he also credits with the Kennedy assassination. He also believes former President George H.W. Bush was behind a plot to assassinate President Ronald Reagan.

A full six percent of Americans believe that the moon landings were all faked, according to a 2009 New York Times article. That number shows no movement since 1999 polling done by Gallup.

There “is no credible evidence to support such views, and the sheer unlikelihood of being able to pull off such an immense plot and keep it secret for four decades staggers the imagination,” the Times says. It is unclear if Stone thinks the New York Times is in on the conspiracy, however.

Trump has latched onto Stone's conspiracy theories in the past, namely that the election will be rigged in favor of the Democratic nominee and that the liberal media is in on the hit.

The Times explained that “in Donald Trump, conspiracy fans find a campaign to believe in.” Reporting on Stone’s recent appearance at a JFK conspiracy conference in New Orleans, the paper noted that Stone told a fan that the death of Justice Antonin Scalia may have been orchestrated.

Trump has pledged that if elected he will hire all of the best people.