WATCH: Ana Navarro unleashes hell after Scottie Nell Hughes calls her 'selfish' for not voting Trump
CNN commentator Ana Navarro -- (CNN screen cap)

Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes tried to shame Republican Ana Navarro over her refusal to vote for Trump -- and she's probably regretting it.

During a segment on CNN's New Day, Hughes told Navarro that writing in her own mother for president wouldn't do anything to solve the problem of rising insurance premiums or of legalized abortion.

"That offers no solutions to the problems Americans are facing," Hughes said of Navarro's decision to write in her mother. "It's a very selfish answer."

Navarro, however, wasn't having any of it -- and she rained hell on Hughes for trying to guilt her into voting for Trump.

"If I have voted for the Republican nominee every single time in my lifetime, and this year I feel compelled to be repelled and repulsed -- and to reject that man -- that is my right," she said. "And you are nobody to question my choice!"

Hughes tried to interject, but Navarro was just getting warmed up.

"You know what? I was a Republican when he was a Democrat," she said of Trump. "I was a Republican when he was an independent! And I'm willing to be a Republican when he gets tired of playing this little game. So none of you -- not you, who came onto the scene just a little bit ago -- are going to question my Republican gravitas!"

Watch the whole clip below.