WATCH: Comedian tracks down Fox’s Jesse Watters and mocks him to his face for his racist segments
Jason Selvig and Jesse Waters (Screenshot, Facebook)

Comedian Jason Selvig punked Fox News commentator Jesse Watters by taking a page from Watters' book. Selvig spoke with him in the streets of New York where he offered Watters some ideas for his next "Watters World" segments.

The comedian was giving Watters a little taste of his own "man-on-the-streets" medicine when he approached him and gave him a hard time, first about Watters' racist Chinatown interviews.

Selvig starts the segment off with a hug and says "hello" to Watters in a stereotypically racist Asian accent. He says, "Pretty good, right? It's racist like you like." Watters looked dumbfounded.

Selvig offers a segment pitch, picture this, "Just a bunch of black people eating fried chicken?" He continues, "How about just Mexicans eating tacos?"

Watters tries to get away from Selvig but it's not so easy.

"Oh just like, call all Muslims terrorists," Selvig says. "I guess you guys already do."

Check out the full clip below.