WATCH: Former Trump rental agent explains how family systematically discriminated against blacks
Donald Trump, left, with father Fred Trump (Screen cap).

It's hard to keep up with all the Trump scandals these days, but one that shouldn't be forgotten is the scandal involving Donald Trump's father discriminating against prospective black tenants.

Stanley Leibowitz, a former rental agent of Fred Trump, told the New York Daily News last month that a teenage Donald Trump sat silently while his father explained to Leibowitz that he refused to rent to black people.

In a new interview with NBC News, Leibowitz goes into further detail about how Fred Trump excluded black people from renting his properties.

"A black lady completed an application for an apartment in the building, a one-bedroom apartment as I recall," he said. "And it was a very professionally written application, it was checked and verified, there were no leans, no judgments against her. And she was calling me on a daily basis wanting to know the status of her application."

Although Leibowitz believed that Trump should have rented out an apartment to her, the real estate mogul apparently had other ideas.

"One day, Mr. Trump and his son Donald came into the office, and I asked Fred Trump what I should do with this application... and his response to me was, 'you know I don't rent to the n-word, put the application in a desk and forget about it," he said.

Watch the whole video below.