A helpful soul armed with a police bullhorn has volunteered to keep WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange abreast of what's happening in the world by standing outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London and shouting the news at him.

According to The Hill, Canadian comic Bobby Mair has stepped up in the wake of embassy officials' decision to turn off Assange's internet connection to keep him from meddling in the U.S election.

Mair posted video of himself outside the embassy wearing a sign that said "Julian Assange's personal internet service."

"In your hometown right now of Townsville, it's like 32 degrees. Townsville, Australia is 32 degrees celsius, so that's pretty nice. It's warm there. Maybe some of your childhood friends are having a nice day," he shouted. "Maybe you could write them a letter."

View Mair's tweet and video, embedded below:

Watch an interview with Mair: