WATCH: Scottie Nell Hughes called out after defending black people getting beat up at Trump rallies
Scottie Nell Hughes (Screenshot)

During an appearance on Erin Burnett's OutFront on CNN, Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes fed the latest conspiracy that the Clinton campaign had paid surrogates to incite violence at his rallies.

Burnett indicated how Republican nominee Donald Trump often encourages the attendees of his rallies to chant certain phrases that are rather divisive, especially when it comes to the media.

"This is a big part of his rallies every time," Burnett said. "Chanting 'CNN sucks' and yelling out that the media are horrible and disgusting people."

Hughes retorted that political violence this campaign cycle had disproportionately affected the GOP, citing the North Carolina GOP office that was firebombed on Sunday.

The exchange took a turn when activist and commentator Van Jones said to Hughes, "Black people have been beaten up at your rallies." Hughes responded, "And why have they been?"

Burnett prompted Hughes to elaborate and speak on the issue of black attendees being beaten up at Trump rallies. She asked, "Are you really saying that the black people in the rallies who are beaten up were put in there by Democratic operatives on purpose?"

Hughes, of course, took the bait. She said, "You look at the Chicago rallies that happened, and the violence that happened at the Chicago rallies and now you have this group."

First, there were not multiple Chicago Trump rallies, but just one and it was shut down by organizers in the city. Second, they were not Democratic Party operatives, a narrative the Trump campaign has circulated in recent days.

The individuals behind the Chicago shut down were activists and students who put significant thought into how their organizing could have the most impact.

Their intended goal was to both hold Trump accountable, as well as the white nationalist movement he has helped to mobilize, by sending a message that neither was welcome in Chicago.

Watch the full segment below.