WATCH: Scottie Nell Hughes' defense of Trump's 'rigged election' conspiracy blows up in her face
Scottie Nell Hughes (CNN/screen grab)

Even though multiple Republican officials have shot down Donald Trump's assertions that the presidential election will be "rigged" against him, that hasn't stopped Trump surrogates from defending their man on TV.

Media Matters notes that during a CNN segment on Wednesday, Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes did her best to back up her boss's claim that the only way Trump could possibly lose this year's election was through voter fraud -- but she nonetheless completely crashed and burned.

In essence, Hughes said that Republican officials in swing states didn't want to admit to voter fraud problems because they don't really want their own party's nominee to win the presidency.

"They are secretary of states, establishment politicians," Hughes said of the Republican officials. "They have not been for us since the very beginning. We don't need them. We need the people. And those that are elected to the office that are paying attention to the people, they’re winning. They’re the ones actually going forward and moving forward with this. Secretaries of state, some are offended, some are not. Get over it. Just make sure your process is clean and we don't have voter intimidation."

CNN's John Berman then pointed out to Hughes that one of the people shooting down Trump's "rigged election" claims is Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, who has said he will vote for Trump for president.

"He is," Hughes admitted.

"So he is a supporter, unlike what you just said," said Berman.

Check out the whole clip below.