WATCH: Trump-boosting lawmaker stumped when asked last time Trump visited his state
Pete Hoekstra (YouTube)

Former GOP Congressman Pete Hoekstra of Michigan exchanged words with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday and was unable to answer the important question of when Republican nominee Donald Trump last visited his state.

Blitzer asked about Trump's visits to Michigan specifically because the two exchanged words about whether Trump would invest his own money in the state.

The CNN anchor asked, "When did Trump go to Michigan lately? I haven't necessarily seen him — or Pence for that matter. Are either one of them campaigning there?"

Hoekstra, who is also the former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, couldn't give an answer as to when Trump had been there last or when he might head there.

"Donald Trump, it's been longer. I'm trying to think 'cause I was at the rally where he was at," he said. "So it's probably been three — three and a half weeks since Donald Trump has been here. But if those numbers stay where they are, I expect that we will see Donald Trump in the last two weeks."

Check out their full exchange below.