WATCH: Trump supporter tells 'Morning Joe' that Trump has matured a lot between ages of 60 and 70
Mika Brzezinski interviews Trump supporter Frank Buckley on 'Morning Joe' (Screen cap).

We've heard a lot of sorry excuses for Donald Trump's infamous "pussy grab" video over the past several days, but this one might top them all.

Appearing on Morning Joe on Tuesday, George Mason University School of Law professor Frank Buckley said that, while he was disgusted by Trump's remarks, we shouldn't put too much stock into them because he's very likely grown a lot as a person over the past 11 years.

"I don't overlook it, I'm not comfortable with it, but I'd put it in context," Buckley said when asked by Mika Brzezinski if he was okay with Trump boasting about grabbing women's genitals. "Let me put it this way -- a 70-year-old is not the same as a 60-year-old. Maybe you guys don't get it, but it's true... Yeah, I'm sure he regrets it for all sorts of reasons."

As Buckley talked, Brzezinski's face curled up into one of her trademark disgusted snarls -- and it's hard to blame her.

Check out the full clip below.