‘You don’t go after the First Amendment!': Wolf Blitzer slams Trump advocate for attacks on media
Wolf Blitzer, Jason Miller (YouTube)

On Monday night, Wolf Blitzer went at it with Donald Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller about the GOP nominee's continued attacks on the media and press freedom.

Miller suggested that there has been a media bias against Trump over the course of the election to which Blitzer said, "There's no doubt that there's a bias. Conservatives are biased, liberals are biased."

However, Blitzer made an important point about media freedom. He said, "The whole point, though, is you don’t go after the First Amendment and freedom of the press. That is sacred, as you know, as I know, our viewers know."

He added, "You don’t try to undermine that and say you’re gonna change the rules of the game, because free press is so critical to our country. I assume you can agree with me on that."

Miller shot back with, "As does Mr. Trump. The First Amendment is very important." Blitzer wasn't interested. Before Miller was able to finish, Blitzer said, "Well, he attacks the president almost every rally, he points at the journalists who are trying to do their jobs, and he says to the crowd 'look at them.'"

Blitzer continued, "And then he uses some really awful words to describe reporters who are working really hard, Jason, just to get the news out. They're doing their job."

Watch the full exchange below.