'Something’s going on': Trump promoter Alex Jones doubles down on Sandy Hook conspiracy theory
Alex Jones (Screenshot)

Trump ally Alex Jones Thursday claimed he never called Sandy Hook a false flag operation before insisting “something was going on” with the massacre.

Jones had previously called Sandy Hook “a synthetic, completely fake, with actors, in my view manufactured” event. But Tuesday, Jones insisted there was “no proof” he floated Sandy Hook conspiracy theories, before adding “you could say” the shooting was “a whole total hoax because the media lies so much who knows what’s true.”

The radio host then launched into an explanation of all the things “you could say” to sow doubt about whether Sandy Hook actually happened:

“Yes, they have the kids going in circles back into the buildings. Yes, the building was closed years before. Yes, it was filthy. Yes, no emergency helicopters were launched. Yes, they’re sealing the death certificates and everything. Yes, I even know FBI agents that say they think it’s suspicious. But I can’t believe they’re that bold, and so no. They set it up like, you don’t think this mother is real? No, I’m sure she is. But were the polls fake on Election Night? Did they send the questions to Hillary beforehand? In the WikiLeaks is there talk of supplying kids to hot tubs for quote “entertainment” for people? I mean, look, folks. Did Hillary put jihadis in control all over the world?”

“We’ve hosted debates by the journalists that say Sandy Hook is exactly like they say it happened against people that say it didn’t happen,” Jones continued. “And then we get attacked by both sides for quote “covering up.”

Jones likened Sandy Hook to Children of the Corn, calling the town “freaking weird.”

“And then the weird videos of reported parents of kids laughing and then all of a sudden they do the hyperventilating to cry to go on TV,” Jones said of the grieving parents who lost their children during the 2012 shooting.

“All I know is something’s going on and you don’t like us looking at it," he concluded. "You don’t like us questioning you."

Watch the video below, via MMfA: