'Americans are terrified': Jake Tapper makes Paul Ryan answer for wave pro-Trump hate crimes
CNN's Jake Tapper speaks to Paul Ryan (screen grab)

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) on Sunday said that Donald Trump supporters who bully women and minorities were not welcome in the Republican Party.

During an interview on CNN, host Jake Tapper pointed out to Ryan that there had been countless incidents of harassment against minorities and women since Donald Trump won the presidency.

"There are millions of Americans out there, Tapper explained, "who are, frankly, terrified about what a President Trump will mean for them. Is there anything that you as Speaker of the House, one of the leaders of the nation want to say to them?"

"I hate it that people feel this way," Ryan replied. "And second of all, they should not. I think people should be rest assured, America is a pluralistic inclusive country. It is, it has been and it will continue to be. So, I really think people should put their minds at ease."

"There are these incidents taking place all over the country," Tapper pressed.

"That's terrible," Ryan agreed. "By the way, that's not Republicans. We are the party of Lincoln. People who espouse those views, they're not Republicans. We don't want them in our party even if they're thinking about it."

"And I'm confident Donald Trump feels the same way."

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Nov. 13, 2016.