Anti-Trump protester has perfect response for why he'll never support Donald Trump
Anti-Trump protestors in NYC on Wednesday, Nov. 9 (screenshot, CNN)

People across the country took to the streets in various cities on Wednesday night in response to President-Elect Donald Trump, and their message was that he is absolutely not their president.

CNN spoke with protesters in New York City to get an idea of why they were out there and why they wouldn't get behind the next President of the United States.

"I'm actually here to support the outrage of what happened and I'm not surprised, I'm not shocked," one individual told CNN. "I've been having this conversation with my friends over the last year and a half and I was expecting a turnout like this because Trump did something very interesting. He opened the key and turned the key to feelings people are having in this country."

The reporter asked, "What kind of feelings do you think he turned the key on?" to which the protestor responded, "Racism, separatism, division. All those things he's been running on."

The CNN correspondent then said to the group of protestors, "Trump now says what he wants to do is he wants to be the president of all the people regardless of race, background, religion."

One individual chimed in with an important question. The protestor asked, "How does he take back everything he's already said in these debates, and how do we have people watching these debates, these two people, and the intelligence level between these two people?"

The individual continued, "I'm just confused here. He now wants to be for all of the people when before he wanted to be for some of the people? Who are all of the people? We live in a diverse nation and yet we're not being represented."

Watch the full clip below.