CNN panel goes off the rails when Jeffrey Lord claims the KKK was the military arm of the Democratic party
CNN panelists lose it over Jeffery Lord statement (CNN, Screengrab)

Republican strategist Jeffrey Lord joined a CNN panel on Thursday night, where he claimed the KKK was originally "formed as the military arm of the Democratic Party," which led to a discussion about race in 2016.

The panelists discussed whether it mattered that the KKK had endorsed Republican nominee Donald Trump for the 2016 Presidential race.

Lord said, "It matters to reject racism and anti-semitism, which they stand for. And that should apply not just to the Klan, but to all sorts of people like Al Sharpton."

That's when Clinton advocate Bakari Sellers chimed in, and panelists absolutely lost it over Lord's statement. "Woah, woah, woah. The Ku Klux Klan literally lynched people, terrorized people."

He says, "Let's look at this throughout the week. What we've had this week is David Duke on the United States Senate stage, saying that Hillary Clinton deserved to have the electric chair. You had a church that was — a black church — that was bombed in Mississippi, and you have the KKK come out in their newspaper and endorse Donald Trump."

"True, it may not be Donald Trump," he adds, "but there is this element that many people believe he represents."