CNN panelist: 'Donald Trump is right, the election is rigged -- in favor of Republicans'
Jason Johnson on CNN says vote is rigged in favor of Republicans (Screen capture)

CNN's Carol Costello hosted a discussion on voter suppression on Wednesday morning that featured strong words from Dr. Jason Johnson, who said the election is rigged in 2016, but it's rigged in favor of Republicans.

"Let's zero in on North Carolina," Costello said, pointing to a North Carolina NAACP lawsuit against the state that maintains Republicans have serially disenfranchised minority voters throughout the state through stringent ID laws and fewer polling places.

"So is Donald Trump right? Is the election rigged?" Costello asked Johnson, who is the politics editor at

"Yeah, Donald Trump is right," Johnson replied. "It's rigged in favor of Republicans in certain states. You have a clearly racially targeted plan of voter suppression going on in North Carolina, going on in Ohio and going on in Pennsylvania. That's one of the reasons that the Clinton campaign has been spending so much time there."

Watch the video, embedded below: