Corey Lewandowski seen at Trump Tower early Friday before jumping ship at CNN
Corey Lewandowski (CNN/YouTube)

After Donald Trump's upset victory on Tuesday night, the Trump camp has been focused on building their Transition Team and administration. Perhaps a former Trump advocate is heading back to the administration, as Corey Lewandowski officially resigned from CNN on Friday afternoon, CNN Money reports.

Lewandowski joined CNN as a salaried commentator in June after he was fired from the Trump campaign. It is now rumored that he will head back to work for the Trump administration, Brian Stelter reported.

According to Stelter, Lewandowski's resignation came on Friday afternoon and is effective immediately. A CNN spokesperson confirmed the news.

Lewandowski has been a controversial member of the CNN team over the last few months. While working for the media company, he was also receiving severance payments from the Trump campaign well into September.

His position at CNN also came under fire specifically because of a Non-Disclosure-Agreement that he signed while working with Trump, which some have claimed would not allow Lewandowski to speak negatively of his former employer while speaking about him on air. Perhaps that also helped Lewandowski keep the door to the Trump administration open.

He has joined various panels on CNN over the months where he has played an antagonistic role as the Trump apologist and supporter.

Stelter reports that Lewandowski was seen earlier on Friday, prior to his resignation notice, at Trump Tower, where Trump has been holding Transition Team meetings.