Desperate Trump campaign reduced to begging early Clinton voters to recall ballots and switch
Hillary Clinton laughing (Krista Kennell /

Time is running out for Donald Trump's presidential campaign, which has now been reduced to asking people who have already voted for Hillary Clinton to recall their ballots and change their votes.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Trump campaign on Tuesday "launched an effort to encourage people who have already cast ballots for Hillary Clinton to change their minds." The effort apparently involves "messages on social media targeted to Hillary Clinton supporters who have already cast ballots in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota encouraging them to recall their ballot and vote for Mr. Trump."

Of course, people who have already voted in this year's presidential election aren't the kinds of last-minute deciders who will instantly regret the vote they made once they hear about James Comey sending a letter to Congress about Anthony Weiner's laptop.

And indeed, Paul Gronke, the director of the Early Voting Information Center at Reed College, tells the Journal that there is "virtually zero evidence that early voters regret their vote" afterward, as most of them have been decided about the race for a long time.