'Dude, you won': Ana Navarro ridicules Trump for tweeting like a '2-year old throwing a tantrum'
Ana Navarro (CNN/Screengrab)

During a CNN panel Monday, contributor Ana Navarro berated Donald Trump for his relentless attacks on critics and adversaries, comparing the president-elect’s tirades to a “two-year old throwing a tantrum.”

Discussing the recent video featuring a Trump supporter verbally accosting fellow passengers on a Delta airlines flight, Navarro argued the election empowered and legitimized bigots, equating it to “boiling water.”

“Anything and everything that Donald Trump can do to get us back to room temperature … he should be doing,” Navarro continued. “And that includes not tweeting out, not tweeting angry tweets against Jeff Zeleny our colleague, or CNN, or the Hamilton cast or whatever.”

“When a two-year old throws a tantrum, he throws himself not he floor and he starts kicking and screaming,” Navarro said. “When 70-year old Donald Trump throws a tantrum, he goes to Twitter. It’s time that somebody gives him his medication.”

“You’ve gone too far,” Trump supporter Paris Dennard interjected. “What medication, Don seriously?”

Unfazed, Navarro continued:

“This is a man who’s got 4,000 positions to fill, a cabinet to fill, intelligence briefings to attend, and he’s tweeted out 13 tweets against nonexistent voter fraud and the recount, five tweets against CNN and Jeff Zeleny. C’mon you’re president-elect. Dude, you won.”

Fellow Trump support Kayleigh McEnany argued that while Trump is spending time tweeting insults at his various rivals, he’s also fighting to keep jobs in the United States.

“So we should ignore that Donald Trump tweets falsehoods?” Lemon asked.

McEnany shot back that “the media tends to follow the shiny object,” while ignoring the “less sensational things that he’s done.”

Watch the video below, via CNN: