Federal judge orders RNC to come clean about minority voter intimidation pact with Trump
RNC chair Reince Priebus speaks to CNN (Screenshot)

A federal judge this week ordered the Republican National Committee to reveal an alleged conspiracy with the Trump campaign to intimidate minority voters.

Politico reported that the order handed down by U.S. District Court John Vazquez gives the RNC until 5 p.m. on Tuesday to come clean about coordination with the Trump campaign to ensure what Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence calls "ballot integrity."

"The Trump Campaign and the Republican National Committee are working very, very closely with state governments and secretaries of state all over the country to ensure ballot integrity," Pence said in August.

And more recently, campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told The Washington Post that the campaign was "actively working with the national committee, the official party, and campaign lawyers to monitor precincts around the country.”

The Democratic National Committee asked the court last week to examine whether the RNC was violating a 1980s consent decree against intimidating minority voters.

Judge Vazquez's order calls on the RNC to produce "[a]ll agreements in any form between Defendant and the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump (the 'Trump Campaign') regarding voter fraud, ballot security, ballot integrity, poll watching, or poll monitoring."

"The affidavit(s) shall set forth all material terms of any such agreement, including any geographic areas which are being targeted for the voter fraud, ballot security, ballot integrity, poll watching, or poll monitoring efforts and the reason(s) those areas are being targeted," the order says.