'Go back to your country -- this is Trump Land': USPS driver busted for harassing Hispanic man
An angry driver (Shutterstock).

The United States Postal Service is investigating after one of its drivers allegedly yelled racially charged insults at a Hispanic man in Cambridge, Mass.

Boston Magazine reports that Yarden Katz, a fellow at the Harvard Medical School, witnessed a postal worker telling a Hispanic man that he needed to "go back to your country" because "this is Trump Land" and he wasn't welcome here any longer.

Katz sent a message to USPS and described what the postal worker looked like, while also urging them to investigate this "repulsive, racist" behavior.

“It was so brazen and it was so overt. It was broad daylight at one o’clock in the afternoon,” Katz tells Boston. “This guy was not subtle about it. It wasn’t hush-hush. It was very overt and this guy seemed very empowered and comfortable doing it.”

The USPS tells Boston that it's launching an investigation into the incident and that 'appropriate action will be taken based on the outcome." The agency also says that it "does not tolerate or condone behavior of the type described" in Katz's message.