'He should stick to the facts': Megyn Kelly scolds Katrina Pierson for defending Trump's false vote claim

Megyn Kelly Monday hammered former Donald Trump national campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson on the president-elect’s claim that millions voted illegally in an election he won.

Discussing Hillary Clinton’s decision to back former Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s recount efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, Pierson conceded that “recounts are not uncommon,” but called Democrats’ support of Stein “sinister” and “suspect.”

Responding to whether it is hypocritical for Clinton to participate in a recount after criticizing Trump’s threat to reject the outcome of the election, Democratic campaign strategist Mo Elleithee said Clinton’s decision is “prudent and it makes senses.”

“She conceded the election,” Elleithee said. “Her campaign has said, we don’t think we’re going to overturn, we don’t think this election will get overturned. They’ve said Donald Trump will be the president come January 20th. And they’ve said that they did their own due-diligence over the past few weeks amid reports that there might have been some interference, and they did not find any actionable evidence of any sort of widespread voter fraud. But if someone else is going to put forward this recount, they’re going to have lawyers in the room. They’d be stupid not to, frankly.”

Elleithee agreed that Trump won the election “fair and square,” but asked, “why is he the only one truly questioning the legitimacy of the election? Why is he saying millions of voters were illegal voters? That just does not make sense to me.”

“Because… 2016,” Kelly responded before addressing Pierson. “Donald Trump may be the first president in US history to question the legitimacy of the election he won,” Kelly noted.

“Absolutely not, Mr. Trump is not questioning the legitimacy of the election,” Pierson argued. “He’s questioning the popular vote.”

Kelly asked what evidence Trump has to insist millions of people voted illegally. Pierson cited sources including the conservative site the Daily Caller, before insisting “there have been incidents” of voter fraud over the years.

“That does not make millions,” Kelly countered, later asking, “Why do you want anyone looking at anything when your team won?”

Pierson said the Trump team is pushing back against Clinton’s popular vote win because it undermines the impact of Trump’s electoral college win.

“He should stick to the facts, though,” Kelly said. “Why isn’t it enough for him that he won the electoral college? Why does he have to make up information that he also won the popular vote, which he lost.”

Pierson launched into an argument about “government corruption” and “the media” before Kelly turned to Elleithee, giving him the final word.

“By saying that there were millions of illegal votes, that questions the sanctity of our entire electoral process,” Elleithee said.

“Well, it’s an insult to the people who work in these counties who see [voter fraud] every election cycle,” Pierson argued.

“You can’t have it both ways,” Kelly replied.

Watch the vide below, via Fox News: