'I'm not a bad person': Transgender woman survives hatchet attack in North Carolina park
Scars are visible on Ralayzia Taylor after she was attacked with a hatchet (WBTV)

Ralayzia Taylor said this week that men in Charlotte, North Carolina attacked her with a hatchet because of her gender identity.

Taylor, who is transgender, told WBTV that she was taking a walk near Arbor Glen Park when two people started chasing her.

“They probably just wanted to rob someone that day and then when they found out I was a transgender, it got worse,” she explained.

Taylor said that the men hurled anti-gay slurs as they attacked her, and that a man armed with a hatchet used it to cut her.

“I’m just laying there bloody and I’m like oh my God help me, just bout to die," she recalled.

The men eventually stopped and Taylor said that she was able to run for help. The wounds required dozens of stitches.

Charlotte police arrested Destiny Dagraca, Dajion Tanner and a 15 year old in connection with the attack.

Taylor called the attack a "hate crime," but police have not made that determination.

Although North Carolina has not repealed its HB2 law stripping transgender people of bathroom rights, Taylor said that she will continue to live in the state.

“I didn’t deserve this at all. I’m not a bad person,” Taylor insisted. "I just want to tell all the gays and trannys to keep their heads up - not just blacks, but whites Hispanics - it doesn’t matter. Just all keep their heads up."

Watch the video below from WBTV, broadcast Nov. 14, 2016.

| WBTV Charlotte