James O'Keefe films himself committing voter intimidation by stalking a church van bringing people to polls
James O'Keefe follows around a bus driving voters to polls (Screen cap).

Can you imagine how conservatives would react if a group of Black Panthers activists spent an entire day following around groups of Christian voters and filming their every move as they went to the polls?

That's what right-wing propagandist James O'Keefe is doing on Tuesday in Philadelphia, as he and his crew are now tailing a bus that was set up by a black pastor to bring voters to the polls.

"So we're behind this bus, which is like a pastor bus, busing people around to the polls in Philadelphia," O'Keefe says in a video posted on Twitter. "And we're going to be releasing video here today showing some people doing some improper things, busing people around, maybe they shouldn't be doing it."

Bradley Moss, an attorney who specializes in litigating national security matters, notes that O'Keefe seems to be clearly engaging in voter intimidation, as many people will feel unnerved having a car follow them around and film them as they go to vote.

In fact, as the Washington Post's guide on voting laws makes clear, the definition of voter intimidation includes when "a voter is being followed and photographed or has his license plate numbers recorded" -- which is just what O'Keefe is doing in this video.

Nonetheless, O'Keefe promises that he and his Project Veritas goons are operating "undercover" across the country to expose the horrors of voter fraud in urban environments. While it's unlikely they'll turn up any "game-changing bombshells," they will likely provide fodder for conspiracy theorists via deceptively edited videos.