Jon Stewart delivers a much needed post-election moment of zen on Samantha Bee
Jon Stewart (TBS)

Samantha Bee Monday offered a model to assuage the anxieties felt by many who fear a Donald Trump presidency, laying the blame for Trump’s election on “the Jews,” and more specifically, former Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

“Right now there are’s a lot of blaming going on,” Bee said during her final segment on TBS’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. “Bernie [Sanders] supporters blaming Democrats for nominating Hillary [Clinton], Hillary supporters blaming the Bernie campaign for damaging their candidate, the media blaming Hillary for blaming the media.”

“But I think we all know who’s fault it is,” she continued. “The Jews, obviously. Damn you Jon [Stewart].”

Bee also took responsibility for the role she played in helping elect Trump. “I should have thrown Gary Johnson off that f*cking wall when I had the chance,” Bee said.

But with Thanksgiving around the corner, Bee said she hopes everyone spends the holiday in their “happy place, like this guy.”

“This guy,” of course, is the man of Zen himself, Jon Stewart.

Watch the clip below to see what Stewart’s happy place looks like in Trumpworld, via TBS: