Leaked Megyn Kelly book excerpts offer cringe-inducing accounts of Roger Ailes's sexual harassment
Megyn Kelly hosts a Republican presidential primary debate on March 3, 2016. (Fox News)

It seems that some excerpts from Fox News star Megyn Kelly's forthcoming book have leaked -- and they offer some truly cringe-inducing accounts of how she was allegedly treated by former Fox News boss Roger Ailes.

The excerpts, which were published by Radar Online, described some incidents that were very similar to what other women have described about Ailes's past conduct.

In particular, Kelly says that Ailes would often invite her into his office and make wildly inappropriate sexual remarks to her.

"There was a pattern to his behavior," Kelly writes. "I would be called into Roger’s office, he would shut the door, and over the next hour or two, he would engage in a kind of cat-and-mouse game with me — veering between obviously inappropriate sexually charged comments (e.g. about the ‘very sexy bras’ I must have and how he’d like to see me in them) and legitimate professional advice."

Ailes didn't stop there, however.

Kelly writes that he eventually started offering to advance her career in exchange for sexual favors, which she claims she turned down every time. Kelly then explains that Ailes took things even further than that in early 2006, when he "crossed a new line — trying to grab me repeatedly and kiss me on the lips."

When she pulled away from him, Ailes issued what she interpreted as a veiled threat by asking her when her contract was up.

Check out the full excerpts at this link.