‘She hates cops, white people’: Internet bigots have white hot meltdown after Beyonce performs at CMAs
Beyonce VMA awards (Photo: Screen capture)

Beyoncé performed at Wednesday night's 50th annual Country Music Association Awards, and as can be expected, a lot of racist internet trolls weren't happy about it.

Beyoncé has been under fire from racists and bigots alleging reverse-racism from the singer-songwriter after she came out with her visual album Lemonade.

The music videos featured mostly black women throughout and was a tribute to both the struggles and strength of black women. Basically, a lot of white people were mad because it wasn't for us.

After releasing her song and music video for "Formation," which makes a statement about racialized police violence in the United States as Beyonce drowns a police car in the video, she was under fire from "Back the blue" supporters and anti-BLM people, who cried racism.

While many Beyoncé supporters were thrilled about her Wednesday night performance, the racist internet trolls took to Twitter to express their discontent.

Here's what they had to say. (Warning, graphic and racist content.)