Star Jones: Obama has to hand over the presidency to a man who made him show his 'Freedom papers'
The View (ABC)

The original hosts of “the View” (minus Barbara Walters) reunited Friday to the discuss the implications of a Donald Trump presidency and yesterday’s surreal meeting between the president-elect and President Barack Obama.

“When you look at them you say ‘President Obama is presidential,’ co-host Star Jones said, referring to photos from the Oval Office showing Obama seated alongside Trump. “He’s treating the office of the presidency bigger than the individual who may or may not go into that office, and I’ve got to take my cue from him.”

Debbie Matenopoulos commentated that the meeting between the two leaders was “awkward.”

“Well, Trump has said some pretty nasty stuff,” Jones, who served as a surrogate for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, reminded Matenopoulos. “Like ‘show me your freedom papers,’ is basically what he said.”

“It’s awful,” Matenopoulos agreed.

“I felt sad for Obama,” Joy Behar later said. “He’s done so much for the country for eight years, and now he has to hand it over to this guy? I think he was upset.”

“I wish nothing more in the world than for all of us to be wrong,” Matenopoulos replied. “It makes me want to cry. I am married to an ARMY veteran, he did two tours in Afghanistan for this country right after 9/11. Freedom, and what this country stands for, is not lost on me.”

“I have a young daughter,” she continued. “I want to raise her in a world that I’m proud of and a country I am proud of; I’m so proud to be an American and I hope for our country, for our future, that he does a phenomenal job.”

Watch the video below, via ABC.