The internet gasps in horror after report claims Trump may appoint Sarah Palin to run the VA
Sarah Palin (YouTube)

Donald Trump repeatedly said throughout the presidential campaign that he would make looking after our veterans his No. 1 priority.

And it turns out that the best person to make sure our vets get the care they need could be... former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin?

ABC News' sources claim that Palin is being considered by Trump to serve as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, despite the fact that she has no personal experience in the military and has never before run a federal government agency.

The reaction from Twitter was swift -- and it was completely horrified by ABC's scoop.

Even some conservatives who admired Palin's commitment to looking after our veterans worried that she's just not cut out for this kind of work:

Below are some other choice reactions to the news that Trump may really appoint his fellow former reality TV star to run the VA.