‘There was blood everywhere’: Trump supporter arrested after attacking gay men at Sydney McDonald’s
Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event in Miami (Fox News/screen grab)

Two men faced charges of assault and affray after attacking two gay men last Monday at a McDonald's in Sydney, Australia, the Daily Mail reports.

The two men who were attacked, Sam and Andrew, told the Star Observer that they were attacked by a supporter of President-elect Donald Trump while waiting in line at the fast food chain.

"He was saying things like how white men rule now that Trump has won," Sam said. "I was horrified. I turned around to the guy and said ‘I’m gay – do you have a problem with that?’ and with that he went off."

The man was fired up over the comment, and started shouting, "Trump's won, straight white men rule!"

Friends of the Trump supporter reportedly dragged him out of the restaurant; however, he then remained outside and waited for Sam and Andrew to leave the McDonald's.

"He hit me on the head," Sam said. "And because I’m a pretty big guy, I went down hard — immediately there was blood everywhere. He kept mouthing off, but when he hit my head things went a bit blurry from that point."

A NSW police spokesperson told Daily Mail, "The argument recommenced when the men's paths crossed outside the restaurant with two men allegedly assaulting two other men before they left the scene."

"Don't just assume it’s 2016 and everything’s okay," Sam said. "Clearly what's happening in the world is affecting people’s judgement and mentality." He added, "I am scared but I also need to stand up because it’s not just about me, it’s about our community."

Since Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. Presidential election, there has been a spike in hate crimes across the country, including racist, anti-immigrant, misogynistic, Islamophobic, and anti-LGBTQ violence. The election results have clearly impacted communities in other countries, as well.

The two men involved in the Sydney incident are on bail and will appear in Newtown Local Court on Dec. 15.