Trump team backtracks on 'drain the swamp’ — Lobbyists find way around ban on working with transition
Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event in Miami (Fox News/screen grab)

President-Elect Donald Trump ran a campaign that he claimed he had funded on his own, in order to avoid the influences of lobbyists if he were to win the election. Trump claimed he didn't want to be bought, and that he would serve his supporters because of that.

Now a week after winning the 2016 election, Trump's transition team continues to receive advising from lobbyists  — even after claiming that they would be removed from his team.

The Washington Post reports that some lobbyists remain directly involved in the transition team, while others serve as informal consultants.

Those who continue to work with Trump's transition team have reportedly filed paperwork to "deregister" from their lobbyist posts, which allegedly allows them to continue working with the Trump team, despite its new ban on lobbyists.

The ban was announced on Wednesday in response to backlash over the Trump team going back on their word.

Two lobbyists working with the team on energy policy, Mike McKenna and Mike Catanzaro, announced their resignation.

McKenna said in a statement, "Although I have reluctantly decided that I cannot continue on the transition in an official capacity, I am excited about continuing to work to make America great again."