In an interview broadcast Sunday on CBS' 60 Minutes, President-elect Donald Trump told Leslie Stahl that he doesn't actually intend to make sure America's same-sex couples' marriages are annulled. reported that when he was asked about marriage equality, the former reality TV star said, "These cases have gone to the Supreme Court. They’ve been settled. And I’m fine with that."

However, he did say that the justices he appoints to the Supreme Court will all be "pro-life" and that he intends to overthrow Roe v. Wade. When Stahl asked him how he feels about women having to travel to another state to receive abortion care, he said, "Yeah, well, they’ll perhaps have to go, they’ll have to go to another state.”

He did not address the fact that Roe v. Wade has already "gone to the Supreme Court" and is also "settled."

He also said that he will only appoint justices who are against regulations on firearms and that he intends to deport "millions" of undocumented immigrants.

Watch the video, embedded below: