WATCH: Unhinged Trump fan tells 'terrorist' Muslim Uber driver that 'they'll deport you soon'
A Trump fan yells at a Muslim Uber driver (Screen cap).

A Donald Trump fan was caught on camera yelling obscenities at a Muslim Uber driver and telling him that he would soon be deported once Trump was officially sworn in as president.

The Washington Post reports that Chris Cody, a St. Johns University adjunct professor who speaks Arabic, was taking an Uber ride in Queens this past weekend when his driver started talking about a man in another car who accosted him and yelled racial slurs at him. The driver, who is Muslim, filmed the man's racist tirade and gave Cody permission to share it with the Post.

"Trump is president, assh*le!" the man shouted out at the driver, who is a Muslim man. "So you can kiss your f*cking visa goodbye, scumbag. They’ll deport you soon. Don’t worry, you f*cking terrorist."

The man also told the Uber driver that he was a "loser" and a "terrorist" who wasn't "even from here." The man then stuck up his middle finger as he drove away.

"I could tell he was upset," Cody tells the Post. "He didn’t tell me exactly why he decided to take a video. I think he was just so shocked by what happened."

Watch the whole video below.