'We have to provide an alternative': Russell Brand makes sense of the Trump disaster

Russell Brand has put out a new video reflecting on the catastrophe that is Donald Trump's election as president this week.

One thing that Brand looked at in particular was the sheer amount of fear that Trump's election has elicited from his opponents.

"What I'm fascinated by is the amount of fear and anger that's generated by the victory, and how obviously reminiscent it is to Brexit," Brand says.

He then points out that both of these phenomena are linked together in an article written by Thomas Frank that explores how globalization has delivered benefits mostly to large urban areas while leaving rural areas feeling isolated and left behind.

"Liberalism, as a political system, is failing so many people that they have lost interest and lost faith," he says. "People no longer trust the people who say, 'Hey, we'll look after you, stay in Europe, it will be all right, vote for Hillary Clinton, it's going to be better,' because the people that you're talking to are already living in a kind of post-apocalyptic world."

He then asks liberals to look at the economic conditions in many parts of their own countries to make them understand why ordinary people would be drawn to the messages of Trump and Brexit.

"The fact that Donald Trump can be president of the United States is sort of not what's important," he said. "The point is the conditions have occurred in which Donald Trump becomes [president]."

Brand then concludes with a call to action, where he asks liberals to really look at the ways we've failed -- and not just immediately railing against Donald Trump.

"We have to provide an alternative," he said. "This is a time where... instead of like after Brexit going, 'Those bloody racists,' let's try to reach out and understand why people feel like this., and be loving and not be presumptuous."

Check out the whole video below.