Wisconsin election commission wallops Trump for 'feeding' baseless voter fraud 'conspiracy theory'
Wisconsin Election Commission (Twitter)

Wisconsin Elections Commission Chairman Mark Thomsen lashed out at President-elect Donald Trump on Monday for claiming that "millions of people voted illegally."

In a tweet on Sunday, Trump blasted Hillary Clinton's campaign for its involvement in a recount that was requested by the Green Party in Wisconsin.

During a meeting to discuss details of the Wisconsin recount on Monday, Thomsen expressed his disappointment in the president elect.

"It is a decentralized and relatively safe system," Thomsen explained. "From my point as the chair of the commission, I think it's most unfortunate that the president elect is claiming that there is huge problems with our system and that's feeding what I call this conspiracy theory."

"Personally, I'd like him to come down out of his Trump Tower and go off to Wautoma County and spend the time with the folks on the ground that are counting the votes. I mean, he won that county. To say it's not being fair or people are counting illegal votes, from my vantage point, is an insult to the people that run our elections."

The commission on Monday unanimously rejected a request from Green Party candidate Jill Stein to recount all votes by hand. Local election clerks will instead be allowed to set the recount method.

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